Forest preservation and cleaning projects

Ooruni is also involved with forest preservation and cleaning projects. Ooruni volunteers joined hands with State Forest Department for the removal of plastics from Nanmangalam Reserve Forest area and Nature walk event was organized on 18th June 2017. . Many kids also involved in this activity and they had a nature walk inside the reserve forest area.

Ooruni volunteers involved themselves in the mammoth task of clearing almost 12,000  uprooted trees, when Chennai was affected by the cyclone Vardah in December 2016 by joining hands with various volunteers groups.

Once of the notable support was given to “Chennai Emergency Volunteers group” for replanting a banyan tree (more than 100 years old) at Independence Day park, Chennai.

When Chennai witnessed one of the big people movements in many decades “Jallikattu Movement”, Ooruni Volunteers were involved in assisting the people with traffic clearance and clearance of garbage in the Marina beach, which went on for days together.

Forest preservation and cleaning projects
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