Ooruni Foundation 

It’s all started during Chennai Floods in Dec’15 to Jan’16 where Ooruni Team worked very hard for the relief of people who are affected and relocated by the floods. More than 5000 food packets prepared and served to the needy people in and around Chennai. Dress materials and other relief materials were collected from various donors across Tamilnadu and distributed by identifying the people who are in real need.

Ooruni Foundation’s major initiatives and activities

We are your Voice

Ooruni Foundation co-founded a unique initiative called “We are your Voice” an initiative to connect HR professionals and employers with differently abled students. In 2016, marked a victorious milestone of employing 71 hearing impaired students in our record. This was made possible because of a collective efforts of the volunteers of Ooruni and Opportunity Infotech (a private training firm). In 2017 in association two other organizations “We are your voice 2017” mega job fair conducted at Loyola college, Chennai and more than 3000 differently abled candidates attended the interviews with more than 100 companies. Hundreds of differently abled got selected and got job offers in various companies. Volunteers of Ooruni and many other volunteers group in Chennai helped the differently abled in the job fair. Ooruni has a data base of more 3000 differently abled job aspirants and has a dedicated team working on this continuously.



Ooruni’s EduFutureIndia initiative aims at conducting and supporting various activities and initiatives which will help in providing a quality education to the Future of India, the students.

Ooruni has organized “International Children’s Book Day” on April’2nd 2017 at “CHILD Home” at Kolathur. Hundreds of books donated to the children of that home by the volunteers and supporters of Ooruni. Eminent Novelist and Film Director Mr.Thamarai Senthur Pandy attended that event as Chief Guest and delivered a motivational speech among the children of that home, who are the children of HIV affected parents. Children of the home exhibited various skills of them like Dance, Singing, Yoga, Karate and Drama.

Ooruni celebrated “Educational Development Day” on the occasion of Birthday of late Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Dr.K.Kamaraj at the Chennai Middle School, Trust Puram, Chennai. Various competitions conducted for the students to bring out their talents and more than 50 students got various prizes. On the occasion motivational speeches were delivered by Eminent Social Worker “Nallore Vattam” Mr.Balu, Actor and Social Activist Mr.Aari, Professor Ms. Tamil Selvi and Australian Consulate Manager and Cyclist Ms. Padma Priya. Students’ cultural programs were also conducted.

“Village Swaraj” event on the occasion of Father of Nation “Mahatma” Gandhiji’s Birthday celebrated at Kadambathur Village at Tiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. Ooruni Team did service to that on that day in that village. In association with Lions Club of Madras Park Town medical camp and Dengue awareness camp conducted and Painting done at the Primary School of that village in association with  Eevathu Vilakael Team. Various competitions organized for the school children and also Awareness session conducted for the students and their parents on personal Hygiene and evils of premature marriages.

Ooruni has partnered and supported the NGO “You Are Loved” in “Puratchiyalar Viruthugal” for last two years for Award the students with exemplary skills and also outstanding teachers of Government and Government aided schools. 100s of students and teachers received the awards from all over Tamilnadu.

Mother Earth – Preserving the environment

When Chennai was affected by the cyclone Vardah in December 2016, more than 12000 trees were uprooted. Ooruni volunteers immediately involved in clearing the obstructions at roads and safely removing the trees by joining hands with various volunteers groups. Once of the notable support was given to “Chennai Emergency Volunteers group” for replanting a banyan tree (more than 100 years old) at Independence Day park, Chennai.

When Chennai witnessed one of the big people movements for many decades “Jallikattu Movement”, Ooruni Volunteers team involved in assisting the people with traffic clearance and clearing of garbage on shore of Marina beach for many days.

Removal of plastics from Nanmangalam Reserve Forest area and Nature walk event organized on 18th June 2017 and Ooruni volunteers joined hands with State Forest Department for this activity. Many kids also involved in this activity and they had a nature walk inside the reserve forest area.

More than 100 trees planted at the premises of National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD), Muttukadu, Chennai during Independence Day and Freedom Carnival celebration on14th August 2017

Give Their World

“Give Their World” is an initiative to support differently abled and specially abled in building an environment conducive to them and also to provide platforms to bring out their Talents.

On April 24th 2017, an awareness program was conducted for the parents of autistic children and Talent show was conducted for bringing out the talents of autistic children. The event was organized at Valliammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Anna Nagar West, Chennai. More than 100 children and their parents participated in this event. Subject matter experts gave the awareness to the parents and a detailed Q&A session clarified many doubts on early detection of autism, parenting of special children and various rehabilitation and vocational training and courses available for special children.

As a part of Give Their World initiative a mega event called “Freedom Carnival” in association with National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) at their premises at ECR Road, Muttukadu, Chennai. This event witnessed a joyful moments of 100s of children with multiple disabilities as well as their parents. Many play stations installed at the venue with a free access to all children including those who are in wheel chair. Various games and games shows were also organized by involving entertainment and fitness professionals. Kids showcased their multiple talents as well as in front of the audience of more than 1000 people. A day to remember for all those lovely kids in their life.

Ooruni also supports the “Talent Academy for Differently Abled” an initiative of St. Louis College for the Deaf, Adyar, Chennai which aims at to lift the talents of differently abled on par with corporate requirements, to cultivate entrepreneurship capabilities and Creating a unified environs to support self-reliance


Ooruni has launched an initiative for Women Empowerment called “AWAKE” on March 8th, 2017 during Women’s Day. AWAKE stands for Advocacy to Women’s Ability and Knowledge for Empowerment AWAKE has got support from across the globe when it was launched and the Hashtag #letsAWAKEnow went viral as the women from across globe (from all the continents) posted the pictures with #letsAWAKEnow posters. AWAKE is committed to equal opportunities for women and recently conducted an Exclusive meet for Women Startup Entrepreneurs where around 100 women aspiring entrepreneurs participated.

To support the education of underprivileged girl children Ooruni has joined hands with CHILD an NGO in their project of “I Support A Girl” and so far Ooruni with the support of its donors adopted the education of 20 girls who are the wards of HIV affected parents. Also providing continuous mentoring and career coaching to all the Girls under the “I Support A Girl” project.